This is my favorite lip balm ever!

When I opened Pangea Organics Lip Balms Egyptian Fennel With Grapefruit & Sweet Orange, I admit I cringed. In the past I had a negative cooking experience with fennel and swore I'd never try it in almost anything again. I really couldn't understand by the description how it could be any good anyway. But I bit the bullet and tried it. Now it is literally my favorite. My daughters tend to borrow it and I can never find it when I need it and I tend to get really upset with them, It's a fantastic product, I always swore to myself I would try the other flavors but I am just afraid they wont work as well and this is one of those balms that you can put on before you got to sleep and your lips are better than ever in the morning. This is the balm I recommend to my friends when they are having problems as well. I am very grateful that I received it in my Birchbox, one of the best finds so far!!

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