Favorite eyeliner ever.

I've been wearing eyeliner for 10 years now and I've tried nearly every single brand and type, but this eyeliner by far, is the best one I've used. The felt tip makes my wings sharp, beautiful, and the color is perfect - I use black and it's dark enough that I don't have to go over the line I've already made over and over again. It glides on perfectly. Also, it actually stays on. My eyelids are quite oily and other liners tend to "melt" so to speak, but this one stays put and touch ups are completely unnecessary.

The price can be a problematic when I'm on a budget, but thankfully this liner lasts a while! I won't go back to anything else, honestly. If you're tired of trying every felt tip liner out there, give this one a try and hopefully you'll fall in love with it as much as I did.

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