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Like a new mom I want the best for my baby so im going organic but is no nice to get so GOOD quality make-up product and the best of all organic. This is just so far one of my favorite deluxe boxes here I LOVE ALL THE PRODUCT ON IT; so worth it. The cosmetic pouch is perfect it good plenty space for make-up my keys and some last minute baby product extremely handy when you want to have almost everything in one place. The shave cream AWESOME even my husband love it , it give him a so good shave and leave his skin without any cut or bumps. The nail polish is so good and have a amazing smell . The liner give a really smooth line and really dark one. The charcoal BEYOND AMAZING. The lipstick is smooth and give a really good color with just one swipe. The Lov Organic teas just in LOVE; I end it buying every single one is perfect for a stressful day or even for a nice afternoon They are awesome Is totally worth it and better of all they are organic and amazingly good.

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