very convenient!

I love the compactness of this eyelash curler! The "pocket" in the title is no joke-- unlike the typical wiry and oddly-shaped eyelash curler, this one fits snugly in the corner of my cosmetic bag, and can literally fit nicely in my pocket. When it's time to use it, there's a little easel that flips open, allowing you to control how much force is being put into the curl. I also really like how there's a small spot in the curler where they put a spare rubber curling cushion. Very cool. However, while it excels in compactness and convenience, it lacks (just a tiny bit) in quality of material. The easel seems very flimsy, and I'm always too afraid to push too hard, for fear of breaking the easel off. The curl that comes out is actually pretty decent, but can look a little angular if you push too hard, which is arguable also applicable to normal eyelash curler.

All-in-all, you have to be careful using it, but it's absolutely perfect for on-the-go!

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