Got in 2011, only just trying out now... LOVE!

Ok are you ready for the most honest review EVER? I have such unpredictable skin that I'm often scared to try facial moisturizers. Especially if they're "natural" for some odd reason. So I got this one in my very FIRST Birchbox back in Sept. 2011 (I've since learned to trust Birchbox's choices more!) :) and noticed this sitting on the shelf when I ran out of my previous tried & true moisturizer. And guess what... oh yeah, I said it in my summary. I love it!!! I was even worried that I'd waited sooo long Birchbox wouldn't even carry it anymore! So here I am ready to buy more, even though I'm not out of the healthy sample sent to me over a year ago :) Yes, it's THAT good. Calmed my skin that usually turns red for a few mins even when using my tried & true... reversed some serious winter dryness that I've been combating and leaves my skin soft & acne free. Plus it smells delightful! Thank you Birchbox. I'm literally a fan for life :)

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