THE BEST acne serum...period.

As someone with sensitive, combination, and acne-prone skin, this was a godsend. After a week of nightly use, my skin is perfectly clear, and I haven't see anything like that happen for the last 16 years. I have not found it to be overly drying, either. It also does what it claims in regards to hyperpigmentation and surface scars - I'm very fair-skinned and any acne always leaves a red/darker spot after. Not so with this serum! Any chance of hyperpigmentation is wiped out. It also reduced oil production on my entire face, as I tend to get greasy by mid day. The only thing I'd suggest is not layering it over or under a moisturizer/face cream with an oilier recipe - i.e. Havvn's creams. The serum just balls up and peels off...

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