A dry shampoo that works!

This is one of my favorite products from one of my favorite brands.
I tend to look for a lot in a dry shampoo and this lives up to all of my expectations.
For one, it actually works. Sometimes you can spray dry shampoo into your hair and it will sit there and do nothing. Klorane's dry shampoos actually make my hair feel cleansed- I can't tell that I've not washed.
I also like that it doesn't have an offensive scent. I'm very sensitive to scent and scented hair products in particular because they linger so long. This smells inoffensive and I can hardly notice a scent at all- my hair just smells fresh and clean, like other reviewers have noted.
It is a little expensive for the amount you get and I feel like I go through bottles very quickly. However, because I have such good results, I don't mind buying it so frequently.
Drugstore dry shampoos do not and cannot live up to the quality of this one; I will purchase this as long as they make it.

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