worked well for my hair

Received this as a sample. My hair if wavy-curly, and a smooth blow dry can turn into a frizzy mess from just a drop of humidity... I used this product on wet hair before blow drying. At first, the hair felt a little sticky and I was afraid that it will end up with a dull, weighted, "producty" look, but when I finished, the hair felt natural and thick, and looked shiny. Also, there were no frizzies along the parting. Nor did it frizz up later. On the minus side - the hair started to look dirty by the end of the second day, while normally I can go for 3-4 days without washing. This is something that I would use for special occasions, when I need the hair to look impeccable, but not for every day, because if I start washing my hair every two days, it'll become too dry. And yes, I also liked the smell!

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