Perfect Mask

I love this mask, especially when I feel like my skin is a bit dull or sad! I apply with a little brush so I can get an even application. More importantly, I don't like sticking my fingers in a skin product, not matter how much you wash your hands, you'd be surprised all the funky things to touch on a daily basis, so a application brush, to me, is a must! When this dries, it is not like other masks that make it hard for you to talk, which I think is a plus for my skin. Did I mention it smells so good, it lends to the relaxation of applying a mask! It is simple to clean up, and AMEN, it does not ruin my facecloths. After I remove the mask my skin feels alive, fresh, moisturized, and ready for a goo night's sleep. Please note, I do apply my night skin products, but they don't take over the wonderful soft feeling of the mask, at worst it just makes my face that much softer and healthy! I will buy this again!

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