Long-term Results!

Now that I look back at its product description, I see that it's meant for the body, not the face. But using this as a moisturizer twice a day after mild exfoliation (morning before makeup, night after removing makeup) for several months, my uneven skin tone cleared up gorgeously without me even realizing it. I ran out of my sample tube a couple weeks ago and the unevenness is creeping back. I haven't changed anything in my routine except for not using this twice a day. I can't believe I've been enjoying beautiful skin for months due to this lotion- I thought it was my Kiehls! The price may seem steep, but totally worth it! Especially if you can get it with your accumulated BB points! And to those experiencing greasiness or non-absorption, try a teeny pea sized amount warmed up in your hands before applying to face, it's meant for the body, after all.

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