Well, well, Miss Arden, Congrats

I ended up with several packets of this from my friends... because even though I usually have oily skin, I accidentally fell asleep with a peel on my face that was a huge no-no... SO, to the rescue, my friends and their Birchbox samples of the month (I even got some in the MAIL) which happened to be this Serum.
This.....serum.....is......wonderful. That said, I had never ever been an Elizabeth Arden fan but now I am a fan of this product, will likely buy it, ESPECIALLY since it is insanely affordable.
After two days on this serum day and night, my crocodile skin showed significant improvement. Imagine falling asleep in a chemical peel, okay? So.. significant improvement indeed. I then used it three times a day for 5 days and my skin was amazing. For an irrational moment I thought, "I should get a bottle and burn myself more often!" But clearly, that is insane.
So, while I just separated myself from a small company that gave me free skin care products in exchange for my very honest feedback to them to help development because I realized, hey, I'm being cheated. LOL And I have skin care products to last through the zombie apocalypse, I honestly think I'm going to get this bottle of serum when I make my next Birchbox purchase...
..... I'm just kind of waiting to see if there is anything in the June box that I desperately NEED. ;)

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