A real treat for your hair and you!

I'd never thought of purchasing a perfume scent for my hair (you can use this on your body too) but the description of it sounded so luscious I thought I'd spoil myself. My family could smell my hair when I walked into the room and my oldest daughter begged for me to get it for her for her birthday. She also noticed it when we were outside on the beach when I let my damp hair down out of it's clip.

Of any beauty products I've ever purchased across the board this line doesn't disappoint. I was looking for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner thinking it might help me get rid of small itchy bumps on my scalp that I kept getting which made me think I had an allergy to regular shampoos I kept trying. So I bought the full size shampoo, conditioner, volumizer and spoiled myself with the hair perfume because the description of the scent sounded heavenly. None of it disappoints, AND best yet the itchy bumps are all gone. Please don't stop carrying this product as I don't want to ever use anything else!

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