Chronic and Severely chapped lips- fixed!

I have one of the worst sets of lips of all time. I am a mouth breather. I chew and peel my lips without even realizing I'm doing it. They crack and bleed no matter the temperature. I've never been able to wear lipstick because of how awful my lips are. I have drawers of lip balms and salves and chapsticks, all failures. This lip balm has SAVED my lips, no lie. I've never used anything that moisturizes this well. I use a lip scrub nightly, then top off with this balm before bed and my lips feel amazingly soft in the morning! No more flakes, no more cracks, no more embarassing lips. I actually was able to wear matte lipstick for the first time in my life. I cannot describe what a difference this balm has made for me. I no longer feel self-concious when kissing my husband. I am so thankful for this lip balm.

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