Home color with salon results

I loved this color. So easy to use and truly multidimensional. It does not "dry out" hair as suggested in one review but coats hair thickly. I recommend combing it through well during application to prevent that rough seeming texture. It does add a lot of texture to hair. Mine is fine naturally and so I loved the result but I could see where this could be a problem with coarser hair. The color is dark, but NOT black. All my natural auburn highlights shown through . This color gives incredible shine & depth. Excellent coverage of grey. I have already purchased another box for future use and will continue to use this product. It's a great savings compared to what I have to pay for similar results at my spa salon. This color lasts longer too. It's been 7 weeks and still going strong, beautiful and soft. I just need to touch up at roots for new grey growth.

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