Deceivingly powerful!!??

I was literally cracking up when I opened the huge box this came in because literally the shaft of the hairdryer was as long as my pointer finger (the mini straightener was smaller!). Out loud to my dog I literally said, 'there's no flipping way this will dry my (shoulder length) hair without taking a half hour for what I paid!!' I decided to give it a whirl because I am a consultant and am in a hotel 1-3 nights a week and it couldn't be worse than the awful ones in the rooms and it did have the concentrator accessory on it which I use at home (and I'd like to bring a smaller suitcase with me!) I used the round brush I take with me every week and turned on the tiny straightener (that literally took about 30 seconds to get searing hot) thinking it would take a while! I turned the thing on and it was quiet but HOLY COW was it powerful!! I wouldn't probably suggest it for every day use because it is tiny but it was AWESOME! I'm sure it has something to do with it being high tech but I've been SOOO frustrated with my hair lately but my hair turned out amazing, better than my normal (super expensive) hair dryer! The only draw back was that it doesn't have the cool shot but I don't care, I'll stand in front of the A/C unit. I didn't even need to use the mini-straightener and it's about 80% humidity today where I live! I would suggest that (if still available) get the free pouch from Tibi (the one with the NY skyline on it) when you check out that you get with purchase over whatever amount if you can- it doesn't come with a carrying case for the two but it literally fit absolutely perfect, even with the concentrator & mini-defuser in there. I'm literally going to take this with me on trips and to the gym! I'm pretty excited that I bought the regular size hair dryer from Amika as well if the tiny one was that great and also grabbed the free mini-straightener in the free gift section as my 2nd gift and now have a back up to use at home. Happy with my choices for sure!!

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