GREAT hairspray

I first bought this hairspray after a hairstylist in Denver used it on my hair with great results.

I was a little skeptical how the hairspray would perform in the sticky Southeast US. But I tried to ignore the high cost, and I bought it anyway. I have used it back home in SC a lot, and I have grown to love this hairspray even more. It is extremely lightweight, with a great smell. The hold can be intensified with more "coats" or one can achieve a more natural look with a light sweep of the hairspray. I liked it so much that I ordered two more cans from Birchbox. The price hurts, but I love the way it performs so much that I will continue to purchase it. Just wish I could find smaller cans of it for travel!

FYI - my hair is color treated, somewhat fine, with some light natural wave. Requires washing daily.

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