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Not a stain, a lip rouge

I love this product. I got the pink one (Sydney) as a sample and then later the full-size red one (London), which was perfect because I was going to purchase it anyway. YASSSS. I like the packaging, it feels substantial. I did notice that the silver letters on the top of my sample were rubbing off when I was carrying it around loose in my purse. It has a pleasant but subtle fragrance.

Sometimes when I read reviews I get frustrated because reviewers will say contradictory things. How can that be? Did they get two different products? Is the formula inconsistent? I have read reviews for this product that say it comes off easily, that it will say all day, that it is a stain, that it is not a stain, etc. Hopefully I can help parse this out for you. The formula was exactly the same in both of the ones I received.

By its purest definition, this is NOT a stain. (Stainiac is a stain and that is a completely different texture and formula. I got a drugstore stain that was like a magic marker. Completely different.) It is, rightly so, named Lip Rouge. It’s a very specific thing. It is amazingly pigmented, and does have staying power. Its uniqueness is probably kind of a downfall for making comparisons to other kinds of products because I think folks expect it to behave like a product they have used before. It is a luxuriantly velvety matte cream formula, whose amazing pigment will stay on the lip even when you wipe away the creamy product. But is it a stain? No, it does not persist like a stain. In other words, you can apply this heavily and it can smear right off but color will stay for some time. Do you have the poise to wear a heavy coat of this crazy-rich color? I do not.

For those of us who consider ourselves to be beauty klutzes, having a layer of something that is so highly pigmented and applies creamy (read: will transfer and can be smeared around) is an opportunity to make a mess. While it’s possible that maybe I shouldn’t wear anything on my lips to keep me out of trouble, with Mattfinity Lip Rouge, I can really have lasting color and skip the dry cleaning bills. To do so, I have to be deliberate and restrained with my application. It’s not like swiping on some gloss on the run. Don’t let that applicator fool you. It’s not a gloss, and it does not shine. That applicator is peculiar. It’s kind of a doefoot, but flattened and bent to a curve to match the curve of your lips.

I always put on too much. (It’s occurred to me just now that I might do better with a lip brush.) It’s just lovely to feel on the lips. You see, it feels so good going on, I can’t help it. Then I have put on too much. With a paper towel I blot, and blot again, and blot again. I have to take most of it off to get it right. Then I feel like I need more. But that’s when I know it’s the right amount. Counterintuitive perhaps, but a technique that works for this beauty klutz.

Does this last as long as a stain? No, because it is not a stain. It’s a matte lip rouge. Want some shine? I guess you might want another product that has shine. I like it matte. If you put gloss on top, the color will transfer to the gloss applicator. It’s not as creamy as a lipstick. It doesn’t stay creamy but gets dry, but does not harden. When dry it does not feel slippery or velvety, but maybe a tiny bit tacky. To me that is not a bad thing. I wear it for the matte-ness, and the amazing color. Does it stay all day? For me it does not, but nothing I have tried truly stays all day. I would definitely say it is long wearing. Do you want a long wearing matte lip product with amazing color? Mirenesse Matfinity Lip Rouge is for you.

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