Fabulous collection of fragrances!

Atelier Colognes are my new favorites. Each fragrance in this collection is a gem ~ I'm loving them all. They have an enchanting depth to them. The Orange Sanguine is my absolute fave this summer. It reminds me of an elusive scent I experienced while vacationing in Sorrento a few years back, a crisp orangey-floral. When I use up this travel size, I will buy the large bottle. So glad I treated myself to this terrific boxed set. The only downside - and this is small but it bugs me a bit - is that the labels are not affixed around the bottles securely. They were all actually peeling back when I first received the set and deboxed the bottles, and they continue to not want to stick. It's a pity that the labeling is sort of amateurish, considering that the fragrances themselves are so lush! I'll be back for more though.

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