I am not usually a styling product kind of girl, but...

This product thickened and added volume and texture to my waist-length, thick, pin-straight dark blonde hair. Because my hair is so straight and silky, styling can be difficult because it just slips right out and has no grip to it. This styling cream adds just enough texture to hold all sorts of styles (especially braids!), without being too sticky, heavy or stiff. It also gives amazing volume, which is something I had previously given up on, especially with my hair being as long and heavy as it is. On top of that, it smells fantastic, almost like candy but not overwhelmingly sweet. I apply about a quarter-sized amount to towel-dried hair, blow-dry upside-down for maximum volume, then either leave it as is or proceed to style as desired. After dismissing it after I first received the sample, I found myself in a pinch one day and decided to try it. I then used the remainder of the sample within a week and knew I needed to purchase the full size. I now use this between 4-5 times a week and honestly can't imagine how I ever lived without it. Truly amazing product. Thank you, Birchbox, for bringing us together!

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