I've had my eye on this backpack for a long time, and I've finally got around to ordering it. It arrived in the mail today and I immediately noticed how big it is! I'm happy about this, because I intend to use it as my "purse" and as my school bag. I don't think the pictures on BB's website do the bag justice. (Yeah, I lovingly refer to Birchbox as BB.) I think I've been holding-off on ordering it because I reasoned that for 20 bucks, surely the bag will be on the smaller size. Wrong. And like I said, I'm happy about that. Another note is that the material is very sturdy cotton canvas. It seems tough and I imagine the bag will last for a long time. I tossed it into the washing machine immediately with hopes of loosening up some of the stiffness and with hopes of fading some of the color. I -had- to get it in Hot Pink, because I waited so long to order; the better colors sold out. I hope BB restocks, because I will order another one in a more..... grad school appropriate hue.

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