Silly syringe sampling

On my sample, the "syringe" cap couldn't possibly pierce the tip of the barrel, and I was reluctant to risk contaminating the product (and making a mess) by using my Dremel. After sufficient struggle, the product eventually oozed past the plunger, obviating the poor "individual measurement dispenser" concept.

Even if this design had worked properly, a syringe isn't airtight, and if product is visible through the barrel then light is getting to the contents. Both light and oxygen destabilize antioxidants, diminishing effectiveness. ("Cosmetic Cop" Paula Begoun would have a field day with this idiocy.) Anyway, somebody already invented tubes with screw-on caps.

The obvious resemblance to a medical device hints at product safety and efficacy, but documented evidence would be more to the point. Why doesn't Masqueology show us its testing results instead?

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