Effective but small size cream

I've been struggling to deal with acne but mostly acne scars for years now. I've tried homemade remedies, storebought cleansers, vitamins, avoided eating food that upsets my skin (cheese/dairy, sugary desserts, greasy foods) and still, nothing was helping me.

Then I decided to try this kit. Never before had my skin cleared up like it had after using this series. My skin won't ever be perfect since theres bumps and pores do show but the redness and scars had faded away and any whiteheads or pimples forming were easy to take care of.

A week or so after using this and following the directions, someone else asked if I was wearing makeup and they said it was an "80% - 90%" improvement.

The only downside is that the cream is trial-size; I would gladly pay a little extra for a kit that comes with a bigger cream size. Either way, I used my own moisturizer (one in a tube, not a jar) after the cream ran out with the cleanser and the spot treatment and it continued to work well, though I would prefer to keep using their brand of cream.

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