beyond amazing!

I'm a bit of a skincare junkie and use a ton of masks, but was skeptical of Tata Harper products--I just feared they wouldn't be effective or were overpriced or something--until I tried this mask, at the suggestion of an esthetician at Exhale. It is--there is no other way to put this--freaking AMAZING. As I said, I use a ton of masks--probably have eight in my bathroom right now--and I've never, ever tried anything that has such instant and visible results. My skin is very pale and sensitive, and I tend to have redness in all the wrong places--around my nose, on my chin and forehead--but this mask completely eradicated all that bad redness, somehow GAVE me color in my cheeks (how?!), and made my skin feel soft, plumped, moisturized. For the first time in ages, I left the house with no makeup -- no foundation, no cc cream, no concealer! Just a swipe of lip gloss. AMAZING. (Also, it smells great!)

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