I tried it, but have moved on...

Ok, I bought this, thinking that having one product for both a base-coat and topcoat would be an obvious benefit. Although I kept the product and did use it for several months, I just can't say that I was overly impressed. I just didn't feel that it performed all that well. For example, I did not feel that the topcoat did anything to keep my nail polish from chipping. I am admittedly hard on a manicure, it would seem, based on how frequently I am chipped and ready to a touch-up if not a totally re-do within a day or two, although I am not even doing things like scrubbing floors, or other chores that might easily be expected to be hard on a manicure.

I have since moved onto a different product and although I do still need to touch up more often than I would like, do feel that the new product does in fact provide more protection than this one did.

So overall, at best, I found this product to be average. Certainly not leaving my nails "super tough" as they advertised. In retrospect, I should have returned this product, as in my experience it did not live up to it's claims.

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