So Great

I bought this on an (expensive) whim and then was kicking myself... What was I going to use it for? It is too pricey for daily use, at least for me.
But I am so glad I bought it, it is fantastic for skin emergencies.

- Used a facial wipe I received in a Birchbox and it turned my skin bright red, then onto dry/flaky/break out. After four days of misery I remembered this stuff and my skin looked brand new after a 20 minute mask.

- Had a cold and I had to take a 7 hour flight to and from a wedding held in a desert where I got a sunburn. You can imagine what my skin looked like (particularly my poor nose). Used this mask and while it wasn't an immediate cure all, it was a huge improvement, put my skin on the road to recovery within a day or two, and smoothed out the rough bumpy texture right away.

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