Worth the $$$

I am a chronic hair straightener, because whenever I would blow dry my hair, it would be frizzy and generally terrible looking. I attributed that frizzy look to my lack of blow out skills - I never was coordinated enough to manage a blow dryer AND a round brush! Straightening my hair afterwards was my foolproof way of getting great hair.

I bought this dryer on a whim (and with points) and I am SHOCKED at how much I like it.

1. It does cut dry time in half (if you're used to using blow dryers you can get at Target anyway)

2. It actually smoothes my hair!

After using this dryer (and I still don't have round brush skills), my hair felt smooth, sleek, and I did not feel like I had to straighten afterwards! To not need to straighten cuts out my getting ready time in half and makes me more interested in drying my hair after my morning shower. I shower every morning and I will only blow dry every once in a while, simply because I don't feel like doing it. Thanks to this blow dryer, I will wear my hair down much more often!

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