Perfect Heat Defying Kit

My hair is tortured daily, between washing, blow drying and straightening irons; it gets quite the work out. First the Shampoo and Conditioner leaves your hair so silky and smooth you don't even need a detangler. If you go back to a regular mass produced shampoos from the grocery store you will notice an enormous difference. Then you get to put in the Restore and Repair oil (they recommend before and after you style). This oil definitely helps keep the hair silky and hydrated. The Super Protect and Prep leave in spray does exactly what you expect. It also has an anti-static feature, when I wasn't battling frizzy hair it was always static for some reason. All of these products combined makes my hair look amazing and perfectly soft to touch. These products won't weigh down your hair, in fact they do the opposite. I definitely recommend all four products if you beat up your hair and want effortless protection.

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