Great tan or streaky... depends

I purchased these without having got a sample in my monthly box based on reviews I'd read from other people. I have mixed feelings: The first time I used a wipe, it came out extremely streaky. I had applied self-tanner with a wipe-style previously, so I don't believe it was user error. I did it before I went to bed (about an hour prior) so maybe I didn't give it enough time to set. My legs were literally striped. The second use was much better, however, I think to do this properly you need to use 2 wipes per full-body application, rather than the one it says you need. It is a good color that I actually prefer over the look of a spray tan--not nearly as "orangish" looking. Overall, I'd recommend but just know you need to apply when you can sit perfectly still and almost naked for awhile!

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