Definitely luxe!

I have really enjoyed the regular line of masks from Karuna so I thought I'd splurge and try the Luxe. if the regular masks are a treat, these are just decadent! But lovely. The cotton practically disappears into the skin and I could feel my skin drinking in all the moisturizing goodness. I could also see persistent results afterward, like for the next day or two, which is rarely the case for me outside of a particular brand of facial at the spa. Overall, think this is a great product and will probably purchase again. One word of warning for anyone used to the other Karuna masks: these actually have two separate backings and therefore the application is a little different. It's worth reading the instructions so you don't do what I did the first time and misapply, remove the backing in the wrong order, and practically trash a $12 mask instead of getting to use it.

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