Heaven Scent

First of all, I am NOT a big fan of anything that has a vanilla scent -it smells too sweet for my taste- so I was hesitant to even open the sample package at first. It sat on my counter for almost a month, until I was packing for a trip & decided to throw it in my bag with intentions of giving it away. Luckily for me I forgot to pack my everyday lotion, so I had to use my sample. As soon as I opened it I immediately fell in love with how great it smells (I can't say enough about the scent). Since it's a body butter it has a thicker consistency than regular lotion, but it's not too greasy-- I HATE the feeling of greasy hands even more than the smell of vanilla! Maybe it's just me, but nowadays I feel like a lot of lotion scents are so sweet that they MUST be made with pre-teen girls in mind. NOT this product! The orange blossom & fennel mix so wonderfully with the vanilla scent, which makes this a sweet smelling moisturizer for everyone of all ages. This is now a must-have product that I use everyday!

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