How NOT to curl short hair

I have very short hair mostly because I don't want to bother with the hair all over me in a mess that would embarrass me, so about twenty years ago after I stopped dancing in the ballet, I cut off my bun and put it away to give to Cancer patients but my brother threw it out not knowing what it was, which is a pretty good example of what it looked like when I didn't do a French twist or French braids in various fun creative ways like many I see today. Had I had this extraordinary No. 4 Styling Foam I would have kept my hair because I still miss not having that part of my femininity! But alas probably some rodent made it into their home, keeping them warm in the winter and safe from the hard blowing winds we get in Louisville. I LOVE this stuff and am growing out my bangs so I can have a chic asymmetrical hairdo soon.

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