Great tasting, wonderful to help relax at night

I'm not usually a huge fan of tea bags as I like loose leaf tea better, but a friend of mine suggested I try this brand. The tea sachets have a luxurious look to them and even have little "pearls" in them (I think to sweeten the tea?). The taste of the tea is great - a good mix of chamomile and peppermint, with a little something else. There isn't so much peppermint that it overwhelms the tea (and peppermint is great for soothing an upset stomach). Each sachet is good for several cups of tea - I threw two into a pot of tea and was able to refill it! The price comes out to $1 a tea bag, which if it only was good for one cup of tea would make this a rare product for me to repurchase. However, the fact that they are good for multiple cups plus the fantastic taste (not too herbal, not too strong, not too sweet - JUST RIGHT :) makes these a great purchase. Will buy again!

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