I wanted to love those

I was so excited to try this and had my eyes on it for over a month until I finally splurged and bought it. When I finally tried it I was amazingly disappointed. I dont think this should be in the BB cream section the box the product comes in basically describes it as a sunblock for the face not a bb cream. I'm very light skinned I dont tan in the summer or fake tan ever and I got the lightest tint offered and it was very noticeably orange on my face I was embarrassed when I saw my reflection outside it looked like I put self tanner on my face. Also when squeezing the product out it seems separated from the base. What I mean by that is you see the cream that has the tint in it when you squeeze it out but you also see some watery like substance at the same time separated from the cream. (makes me wonder.... did I get a bad batch???) My face did not feel refreshed or moisturized after this product it felt almost dirty and oily in a way and made the blemishes I have stick out more then ever, after applying this my pimples suddenly were bright red and stayed like that for the entire day. I don't really use foundations or anything like that I'm used to using BB creams with barely any coverage, moisturizing tints, or nothing at all but this product is the worst I have tried so far and is very very expensive compared to the others the only reason I wanted to try this was because of the natural products and the philosophy behind the brand.

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