I did some good Cyber Monday shopping, and figured I'd pick up this gorgeous polish. I was going to give it as a gift, but when it arrived it was too pretty to let go! So I applied a base coat, three coats of this polish, and a top coat. It sparkled, it shined, it was perfect for the holidays. I'm a huge fan of black/gold glitter, and this polish looked great.
Then I started to notice the chips.
After a day, there were small chips along the edges of my nails. No problem, I filled in the patches and vowed to be a bit more careful. I've never had a polish chip on me that quickly, so I figured it was something I did. But it chipped and chipped again, ultimately looking horrendous by day three.
I know glitter polishes are a pain to remove, but I'd hoped that since this one chipped off so easily, removing it wouldn't be so bad. Wrong again. Total bummer to take off. The black base came off easily enough, but I had to scrape the glitter off my nails.
So frustrating! I expected better from a brand like DL.

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