Perfect Scent

Scents are all about personal preference, and you can't judge them online. That being said, I bought this product based on the positive reviews and I LOVE it. It has a sweet smell that isn't cloying or over powering. When people walk into my house the first thing they do is take a deep breath. To me, the smell is soft, a little spicy, clean, and inviting. It's not floral or citrusy or "clean laundry." It's original and I'm very happy with it.

Side note: When I first ordered this product, I got a shipping confirmation, but I never received it. I called the Birchbox customer service number and let me just say, I WAS BLOWN AWAY. The girl was so friendly, the entire process of getting my product reshipped was fast and painless, and she also gave me some extra points for my wait. Keep up the good work Birchbox!

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