Convenient and Gentle

I love the spray nozzle because it saves me from having to buy cotton rounds, which can sometimes leave behind little fuzzies. It helps to put an eye mask on (like the clear ones you put in the fridge for under-eye puffiness), to avoid getting the product in your eyes as you mist your face.
The scent is very subtle and pleasant, with no harsh alcohol or irritating fragrance additives; like aloe and cucumber, very fresh and clean.
It's great for refreshing during the day (just don't spray it on over makeup, ladies!), and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized, without the "pull"- you know, that stretchy, plastic feeling some toners leave you with, like if you smile, your face might crack?
Best of all, so far, there have been no unusual breakouts or skin reactions, which is great because I have sensitive skin! I'm pretty much a newly devoted fan of this entire line, after getting the face wash in my October box. :)

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