Made my bathtub slippery

I ordered this one as a treat for myself before my wedding - it's got gold and champagne in it right? Unfortunately this product has the texture of a gel, and it left my bathtub kind of slick which wasn't awesome to deal with after we got back form our honeymoon. I love products with acai in them. I think it comes from the rainforest? This product did leave my skin feeling moisturized. It did smell kind of champangey sweet in a good way. This product is not particularly exfoliating, although I hold cheap Korean scrubby mitts from the Korean spa as my gold standard for exfoliating effectiveness (seriously, they are awesome, reusable and affordable) with salt scrubs coming in second. So I'm used to something that is a bit more scrubby than this. For the price, I'd maybe pick a different indulgence, like the incredibly awesome and indulgent WEI Golden Root Purifying Masks (also from Birchbox).

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