I really like this luminizer though I will admit it took a few tries to make it really work for me. I was looking for that sort of Kim K.-glow but I knew that as a porcelain-skinned girl that it would be a bit harder for me. I almost always wear blush to avoid looking semi-dead so I was worried about using this over a blush, but I've found that they work pretty well together. I like to use NARS Coeur Battant from their most recent like (it's a very bright very pigmented hot pink) which I apply to the lower apples of my cheeks. I blend it a bit to avoid looking like I'm wearing stage makeup but it wears off nicely and after an hour or two it's a nice pink-cheek look. Anyway, this luminizer is perfect for the cheekbones, the top of the eyebrow, and the bridge of the nose. I learned that it was easy to apply too much and feel greasy so I wish the application process were a bit easier -- either that the product was more liquidy or that it wasn't quite as oily. Overall, though, it lends a great glow. It doesn't last terribly well so I'm not really sure it's worth $38 but I imagine that the tub will last me a long time.

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