Too much for how cheap it looks

When I saw this on the Birchbox website, I thought it was super cute. I placed an order using my points, so I really only paid $3.50 for it. When I initially received my order, they sent me the pink/silver when I had ordered it in pink/gold. Not only that, but it looked super cheap. I realize it's just a piece of accent jewelry, but if I had paid almost $20 for it, I would have expected more. I sent the incorrect one back and was promised that a new one would be on its way. A few days later I received a box full of product from someone else's order! (And no bracelet.) So two returns later, I did get the one I wanted. I have a lot of trouble putting it on by myself and I cut the extra thread off the ends because I felt that hanging off the ends made it look even more cheap. Check out other places for cuter, better made accessories.

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