Great product, awful applicator

I've used TALIKA in the past, but not the "Expert". I can't find the regular TALIKA anywhere so I figured I'd give the Expert version a go. The product itself is great. I really do notice a difference in both existing lashes and new growth, but you have to be patient and give it time. Like taking vitamins for your hair, you're not going to see overnight results. 4 - 6 weeks minimum. Also, you need to get the product along your lash line and kind of massage it in. Don't just depend on brushing it onto your lashes.

Here's what I love: gentle formula (I'm a contact wearer) that doesn't irritate; the product works for me (not only do I see new growth, but a noticeable reduction in the amount of lashes I lose over the course of a month); works great under mascara - just be sure to let it dry before you start your makeup routine.

Here's what I loathe: the applicator tip at the end of the brush. I get the point of it (you have to get the product onto your lash line), but it makes it so hard to get into the inner corner of your lashes with the brush, and I feel like it takes up a lot of/wastes product in the tube. It seems like I go through a tube in 4 weeks when the smaller tube with just the brush (no applicator tip) lasted me 6 -7 weeks.

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