Would be fine except my phone falls out.

I've had this on for three days. The phone doesn't "snap" into place on the case, so it seems to be held in by friction/pressure. I've been worried about it but figured that I'd spent the money on it and should give it a try. I really liked how open the face of the phone was and easy to access the buttons were. The wallet itself is pretty hard to get things into and is made from a stiff plastic instead of a softer plastic/rubber or leather type material. It seems sturdy but a bit bulky. The stitching on the plastic wallet is a nice contrast trim and is good quality work. The case itself seems a bit like an after thought. As I said above, it doesn't really hold the phone securely in place... and on the third day, my iPhone 5s fell out onto the concrete floor at work. When I put it back in, it seemed okay for the most part but looking at the case it has a spot on the corner that seems to have been "bruised" when I put the phone back in. You know when plastic gets bent and turns kinda white? That's what it looks like on the corner now even though the case has never been dropped.

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