I LOVE this stuff!!

My fiance bought me some of this cleanser and the Fresh lip balm to try for Christmas- I am a new Fresh addict! I wasn't sure what to think about this cleanser at first- the texture and smell were different than I was expecting, but after a few days I was hooked.

The best part about this cleanser is what it has done for my skin- I've struggled with random breakouts since I was 18 (I'm now 27). I've tried so many different brands and nothing ever worked that well. I thought for sure this would be an epic bust since it isn't labeled for acne, but this has seriously CLEARED my skin COMPLETELY! Now instead of a new breakout each day, I am surprised to see clear, even, and smooth skin. My skin isn't so dry each day and I'm not slathering on moisturizer to replace what other cleansers stole from my skin. I also love that it will take off almost all of my waterproof mascara and other make up with very little effort. My face feels amazing and looks amazing, and this product made that happen for me!

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