Very light--both good and bad

I LOVE the peppermint shampoo, but I'm not as sold on this one. It may be because I switched to it after using moroccanoil shampoo/conditioner, but this doesn't feel like it penetrates my hair well. It feels super thick and creamy in my hands, but it doesn't feel that way in my hair. Plus, while my hair does feel pretty good after using the shampoo, it doesn't feel much softer after using the conditioner. Also, my hair (very fine and curly) tangles more easily with this than it has with other conditioners.

On the plus side, this doesn't weigh my hair down at all, which is usually my biggest issue with conditioners. Plus, I don't really like cilantro but I found the smell to be really tolerable, especially after the amazing peppermint shampoo.

I'd say this is a good conditioner to use if you're looking for very lightweight moisture but I wouldn't recommend it if you have super dry hair or like very creamy conditioners.

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