I really love Color Club polish. The formula is long lasting and the colors are amazing.

These kits are just okay.

They are the mini size polish, not full size.

They do not have instructions on how to use the studs. I've never done this before so I did have a hard time with it. They come with a tool to use with it, but I have no idea what this tool does or how to use it.

I bought 10 of the 12. All of the glitter polishes are fine but the color of Sagitarius is horrible. It has huge chunks of holographic glitter that do not stay down. It is clear but has an Elmer's Gel Glue tint to it. Some of the chunks of glitter are almost yellow and don't match. I usually get compliments on my nails, but I actually had people ask me what the heck I did to my nails.

I think there is one more chunky glitter one in the mix but I can't be sure because I didn't order that one.

I think for a mini polish with a few studs the price is steep.

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