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Smelling good starts with your sink ledge. We recommend Fellow Barber Aftershave Tonic for a crisp, woodsy aroma.

Fellow Barber Candle

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Birchbox Breakdown

A room can smell like many things, from books to dirty laundry. If you want yours to smell like a Steve McQueen movie, start with these specialty candles. Each fragrance uses scent to evoke a particular scene, from a California pine grove to the desert at dusk.

How to Use

Each of these hand-poured candles carries a rich and vivid scent. Barstow evokes the desert environs of the Barstow-to-Vegas motorcycle race, blending scrub oak, mesquite, and flowering cactus for a warm and earthy aroma. Signature was inspired by Kings Mountain, CA, crafting a bright and woodsy scent from cypress, lime, vetiver, and birch tar. Both are housed in reusable cups made from shatterproof enamel.

Soy and paraffin wax

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