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For a truly bold statement, choose a shade on the opposite side of the color wheel from your hair. If you’re blonde, opt for lavender; if you’re brunette, go for turquoise; if you’re a redhead, choose wintergreen.

Birchbox Breakdown

From Hollywood celebs to trendsetting fashionistas, hair feathers are this season’s hottest trend. Even better — they’re incredibly wearable and an easy way to dress up your strands. Get in on the craze with your own set from Fine Featherheads, which has the best, most high-quality extensions made from gorgeous rooster feathers. Each extension, or “featherhead,” comes with six or seven feathers and they can be washed, brushed, blow-dried, straightened, and even curled. Best of all, depending on the wearer, they can last one to four months.

How it Works

Fine Featherheads extensions are made from rooster feathers. The company has an exclusive relationship with one of the world’s top farms — they produce plumes of the highest caliber. Six or seven feathers come in each extension, and all the feathers have been thoroughly cleaned with a 100 percent biodegradable soap and dyed with an organic, mineral-based dye.

How to Use

Installation is a cinch. Each feather purchase comes with a tool kit containing everything you need. Using the micro link and hair hook provided, separate a small section of hair and place a link onto the hook. Twist the piece of hair and then using the end of the hair hook, slide the micro link on and up to the scalp. Holding the link in place, insert the feather into the link and then clamp down on it with a pair of pliers. Visual learner? This Fine Featherhead video is incredibly helpful.

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Note: Fine Featherheads are natural products and no two are alike -- colors may vary from feather to feather

Feather Hair Swatches

Includes: 8-12 inch feather, micro link and hair hook

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