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There’s no use in applying a potent anti-aging cream on top of dead skin. Keep your complexion fresh by using a mild exfoliating cleanser everyday — FIX Malibu’s Wish Wash Exfoliating Powder Wash will do quite nicely.

Birchbox Breakdown

We think this anti-aging moisturizer is the cat’s pajamas, but don’t take our word for it — FIX founder Rebecca Giles herself calls The Works the shining star of her entire line. Giles sat down with a cosmetic chemist and came up with a list of the best ingredients for skin, and then channeled them all into this cream. It’s much more than just a moisturizer—it’s a protective anti-aging machine. Plus, the formula is extremely light with a pleasant smell.

How it Works

Giles designed this cream to be the ultimate all-in-one: sodium hyaluronate ensures long-lasting hydration, while a slew of anti-aging ingredients keep skin healthy and youthful. Peptides boost collagen production, while antioxidant-rich spin trap transforms free radicals into skin-benefiting oxygen. At the same time, damage-repairing ingredients help cure UV-induced redness, decreased skin elasticity, and pigmentation.

How to Use

Apply morning and night to clean skin. Massage a dime-sized amount all over face and neck.

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Skin lover

I loved this product, hated when it was gone. It left my skin feeling so smooth. The smells was great and the texture was even better. My skin felt hydrated and tighter.

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Feels oh so good!

I have used / tried many anti- aging moisturizers. This one make my skin feel clean and smooth long after I have used it.

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