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For the Makers

Birchbox Breakdown

Big shiny hoops are fun for a night out, but when it comes to timeless sophistication, we’ll take these delicate post earrings any day of the week. Create a pair—or three—from this tiny treasure trove of pear-shaped jewels, Czech glass faceted gold balls, and vintage iridescent crystals. We always knew we’d make an excellent jewelry designer, and For The Makers supplies the goods to prove us right. Exclusive to Birchbox!

How it Works

For The Makers offers a kit filled with all the gems, studs, and glue you need to make stunning vintage post earrings. Refer to their tutorial to make three simple-but-elegant pairs by adorning each post with a single gem, or cluster the crystals and gold balls to create one eye-catching pair. Then, wear your creations with pride.

How to Use

These subtly sparkly earrings exude class. Pair them with jeans and a ponytail to dress up a casual weekend getup, or use them to accent your favorite holiday party skirt and top. We wear ours so often that they’ve earned a permanent place on top of our dresser.

vintage iridescent crystals, pear crystals in brass setting, Czech glass faceted gold balls, 4mm posts with butterfly catch, E6000 glue

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Not impressed

If the jewels were able to fit on one post like it is shown than these would be pretty and unique earrings.

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How they got all of three items on that small post is beyond me. But I'm going to order again to try it out again. And I lost all the backings to the earrings I did make.

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well, they're cute . . .

The earrings I made are really cute, but the cheap posts irritate my ears and there wasn't enough materials to make more than one nice set. I guess my own creativity will have to shine to find things to put on the other posts that were included, but not really worth the price and didn't teach me something I could replicate later ( i know how to use glue, thanks.)

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