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Add some color to your ensemble with the Lucia Necklace.

For The Makers Linda Link Necklace

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Chain: 17 3/4"; Plate Charm: 5/8" long x 7/16" wide; Crystal: 1/4" long

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Birchbox Breakdown

Rarely are hobbies quite so fruitful as they are with DIY: Put your creative skills to the test and walk away with a chic piece of jewelry with this necklace from For the Makers. The minimalistic Linda Link is at once both a standout piece and a versatile accessory to wear all day (and every day).

How to Use

Create this multitasker using the provided bars, links, and crystal baguette (clippers and pliers not included). With the help of For the Makers’ trusty tutorial, here, you’ll be showing off this subtly sparkly number in no time. 

brass plate charm, brass bar chain, brass lobster clasp, jump rings in brass, crystal baguette, E6000 glue

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Itchy bumps

Necklace is very cute and easy to put together. However, I wore it twice and got itchy red bumps! I'm not even allergic to anything! Poor quality materials perhaps? Probably won't be able to wear it again, but I might try changing out the chain. :(

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Very unhappy

This necklace was the worst thing I ever purchased from birchbox. Pieces were uneven, thin, and very cheap. It looked like it was wrapped up a long time ago, because the colors were uneven and it had some rust spots. It wasn't shinny at all, and it should have been less expensive. Definitely was not worth what I paid.

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Classy and simple!

I like the idea of making my jewelry, but I can never find the time to go down to the craft or bead store and sift through all the possible combinations there. This is a great way to create something unique, and all the instructions and supplies (minus pliers) are provided. It was so easy, and the necklace goes with almost everything. In less than an hour I was wearing my new handmade necklace. I was missing a bar in my kit, so I made it a bit shorter but it fits me fine. It was nice that they include a whole tube of glue, even though you only need the tiniest dab, so now I have some to use for future projects. I think this would make a nice gift for a crafty girl, either as the kit or the assembled necklace.

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