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Mixing and matching bracelets is the key to creating a look that’s all your own—try experimenting with the Flora Charm Bracelet.

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Birchbox Breakdown

Those braided bracelets you used to make at summer camp? They just got a serious upgrade. This grown-up version of a childhood classic has been updated with dark pine, black cord, and chic gold accents. Once you master this easy DIY, we guarantee you’ll want to make one for everyone in your life—especially your BFFs and secret crushes.

How to Use

This DIY kit includes waxed cord in midnight and pine, gold button clasp, gold spike charm, and smaller gold components. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial to braid your cords and fit the bracelet precisely to your wrist size.

waxed cord in midnight and pine, gold spike charm, tiny gold jump ring, gold button clasp, gold donut component

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so so

cute but looks like a hair tie and not a bracelet. my friend asked me if she could borrow it for her ponytail, and i was like "its a bracelet!"

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Kind of hard

This is a wonderful concept that takes me back to my semi crafty childhood. Friendship bracelets will always be a huge things for young girls but this was pretty hard to get knotted at the end. I still haven't figured it out - I set it aside a while back and just now remembered I had even bought it!

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